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We are dedicated to saving you both time and energy

and that starts with the best UVC Disinfection Solutions

Company Profile

Best UVC is a brand under Shinetoo lighting USA for UVC products. Since 2008, we have been engaged in the R&D, production, and sales of LED lighting. Due to COVID-19, we started to develop UVC products in March 2021. So far, we have 8 verified surface and air UVC disinfection products. Through our sales representatives and distributors, we have sold thousands of UV products to schools, restaurants, hotels, stadiums, offices, hospitals, etc.

Our value is to bring safe, effective, and affordable UVC products to our customers. Our team has very strict requirements for details. We only use quality materials, such as Philips, Osram UVC lamps, UL, TUV listed ballasts, stainless steel housings and so on. We always believe that high-quality materials are the key to effective and high-quality UV-C products.

We always try our best to provide you and your family with professional and effective UV-C disinfection solutions. Together, the future shines brighter.